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Mountains during the sunset.Mountains during the sunset.

Breathtaking. Majestic. Serene.

Sublime. Elegant. Luxurious.



Pristine, untouched nature

Perched atop a rugged nunatak in the secluded heart of Denali National Park, Sheldon Chalet offers unparalleled immersion in the Alaska Range. Surrounded by endless peaks, glaciers, and vast skies, it's a unique, untouched territory, promising breathtaking views and an unforgettable experience.

Aurora blue and green.Guests waking on the snowy glacier.

An exclusive experience

Featuring five custom bedrooms, Sheldon Chalet provides an intimate setting for guests, ensuring a truly exclusive experience. Whether seeking a romantic getaway, meaningful family adventure or a corporate retreat, Sheldon Chalet offers a unique experience tailored to each party.

Guest relaxing in north east hammock.Common areas at the Chalet.

Adventure and exploration

From backcountry skiing and snowshoeing to glacier spelunking, Sheldon Chalet offers activities that capture the natural beauty of Denali National Park. Whether you're a casual adventurer or looking for an adrenaline rush, there is something for everyone in our remote mountain paradise.

Guests having a glacier picnic.Guest rappelling into crevasse.

Gourmet dining with private chef

Indulge in exquisite culinary experiences crafted by your own private chef, from sumptuous multi-course dinners to gourmet mountainside picnics. Based upon guests' preferences, menus include the freshest local ingredients that showcase the flavors of Alaska, making every meal a feast for the senses.

Chef preparing lunch for the guests.Delicious mean served at the table.

Luxurious accommodations

Retreat to your own sanctuary where contemporary design meets exquisite comfort. Each guest room features plush, cozy bedding, and awe-inspiring views from every window; a perfect place to relax after an adventure and wake up with the golden Denali sunrise.

Armchairs at Sheldon Chalet.Couple enjoying a beautiful view towards the mountains from a cozy bedroom at the Chalet.

Helicopter Flight

Your journey to Sheldon Chalet begins with a breathtaking helicopter flight over the majestic Alaska landscape of pristine valleys, towering mountains, and sprawling glaciers, as you soar through the sky on the way to your mountain retreat.

Sheldon Chalet and helicopter.Denali national park view from the helicopter.


“What a respite! My head is clear, my soul is filled. There  can be no better “get away.” We leave with a sense of humility and wonderment at God’s creation here on Denali.”


“Thank you for the most extraordinary vacation! You have given us the greatest gift - time  together as a family, unplugged from daily distractions in a gorgeous setting with phenomenal food, wine, hospitality and adventure.”

Rascoff Family 

“So blessed to come back to this magical place for a second time. New ice caves to explore, northern lights like never before, ribbons dancing in the night sky pulsing with their own heart beat. Best food in Alaska thanks to Chef. Peace in our hearts and minds.”

Jimmy & Carolynn

“The four days were pure heaven and the reason is Sheldon Chalet. Aka ShangriLa. This place has four elements of exquisite grandeur: the awesome views, the architectural marvel of the Chalet, heavenly food, and last but not least the TLC shown by the staff.”


The sheer majesty of this place is awe inspiring by itself. No words are necessary. More than that we are grateful for the kindness and hospitality. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the memories.

Jan & Jeff

To my Sheldon Chalet team, you made this week in the absolute grandeur of this place completely unforgettable. Is there anything better than good food, new friends and the crisp mountain air? We felt so lucky to have had this experience with all of you.

Kalli & Sid

To try and describe this experience with words would be futile. However, the service and hospitality of everyone here is literally second to none. Thank you for hosting us for a life changing 3 nights. We leave with our hearts full and our minds at ease.


Our family experienced the most amazing and unique vacation experience at Sheldon Chalet.


History and Legacy

Don Sheldon crew waving to the airplane in the 60ties.Don and Roberta Sheldon.


The abiding presence of Don and Roberta Sheldon are stitched into the very fabric of Alaska as a testament to their pioneering spirit, unwavering commitment to conservation, and passion for exploration. It is this tenor that continues to captivate the next generation of adventurers who, like Don and Roberta, are moved by the sheer awe of this place, igniting a flame of inspiration within the hearts of all who visit the chalet.



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