Magnificence Manifest

Perched on a nunatak above the Don Sheldon Amphitheater, just 10 miles from the summit of Denali, the Sheldon Chalet is more than a place to stay - It’s an opportunity. “Experience Grand” at this exclusive destination on the flanks of North America’s highest mountain.

  • Home, On a Glacier

    Luxurious and inviting, Sheldon Chalet is the perfect destination for those seeking a unique Denali experience that has never before been available.

  • Refined Living

    Comfortable, modern furnishings allow visitors to experience breathtaking views within the Chalet’s intimate space.

  • Comfort at 6000 Feet

    Rest your head for the night, or stay up and view the aurora borealis from bed. Each Sheldon Chalet room features unique panoramas of the Alaska Range from every angle.

  • Sumptuous Fare

    Savor meals together with Alaska-sourced ingredients, fine wines, and a spectacular view with every bite.

  • The Don Sheldon Amphitheater

    This natural valley, carved over millennia by the ice of Ruth Glacier, is named for the late Don Sheldon, one of Alaska’s most celebrated pilots.

  • Encounter the Aurora

    An indigo Alaska night, the frosty mountain air, and a natural state for one of Earth’s most ethereal sights.

  • Unwind and Refocus

    Sheldon Chalet’s solitude means guests can refresh body and soul within an environment of natural silence.

No Comparison

At 6,000 feet in elevation, the Sheldon Chalet is as unique as the surroundings are breathtaking. Fine dining, luxury accommodations, and exquisite service are a commitment to the property’s distinctive environment.

A Family Dream

Three generations of the Sheldon family have worked to make the vision of Don and Roberta Sheldon a reality. The Sheldon Chalet welcomes visitors to experience the wildness of Alaska in comfortable luxury, just as the elder Sheldons intended.