Extreme Engineering. Extreme Luxury.

Anchored deep into the granite, iron and titanium of the Sheldon Nunatak, the Sheldon Chalet is not only a luxury destination—with running water, electricity, generous heat, and world-class food—but it is an engineering marvel.

  • Extreme Engineering

    The setting is an extricable part of the Sheldon Chalet. Perched upon a nunatak within 10 miles of Denali’s summit, guests become part of the landscape.

  • Observe the Grandeur

    Sheldon Chalet’s observation deck is the perfect place to launch helicopter adventures, observe the aurora borealis, or relax in cozy comfort with a glass of champagne after a busy day.

  • Culinary Perfection

    Not only showcasing spectacular views, Sheldon Chalet also serves regional dishes crafted from locally-sourced ingredients and paired with the finest wines.

  • Experience Life On a Glacier

    The Sheldon Chalet features modern, warm spaces that invite conversation with loved ones or associates.

  • Sleep Among the Peaks

    Accommodations at Sheldon Chalet will wrap guests in an atmosphere of comfort after a day among the jagged peaks of the Alaska Range.

  • Extreme Amenities

    A shower at 6,000 feet is a luxury indeed with Sheldon Chalet’s carefully-curated spa products and a state-of-the-art water system.